We believe that our aromas should be experienced through more than just scent — we want you to feel it in your mind, body and soul, too.


We carefully crafted this mood scent with therapeutic scents to create a space to focus. Mind enhancing rosemary, sage and spearmint are the standout scents, while grapefruit, lemon and orange create a bright foundation, keeping your mood uplifted and energized.


A sweet-but-tart, spicy-yet-citrusy, floral blend, Joy is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every time you use it. Spritz it on your skin or in your space for a quick pick-me-up — your senses will most certainly thank you.


Spice & flowers sit on top of bright citrus to fill your shared space for this moment of love.  Clove & patchouli spice things up, geranium, jasmine and rose fill the room, orange & neroli keeps everything vibrant.  A crafted mix to call passion, connection & release.

The Power of Botanical Scents

Our olfactory senses are incredibly dynamic. Certain scents can evoke specific memories and feelings, and by dong so, those same scents can actually change our mindset and well-being.


We carefully crafted this room spray with therapeutic scents to create a truly tranquil space. Calming lavender, sweet mandarin, and herbaceous clary sage are the standout scents that can transform any atmosphere in an instant.


It all started with Sleep.  Our original scent we created to bring our day to end in a mist of sweet citrus flowers.  Sedative from the frankincense, rose & geranium, calming from the german chamomile & lavender, with just a hint of uplifted brightness to invoke positive dreams and a happy night’s sleep, from the lime, orange & ylang ylang.