Love is in the air as we drift into the Valentine’s season. Setting the mood for love and romance doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. We’re all about unique, creative, and thoughtful ways to show someone special that you care. One of our favorite ways is the Love Bath Ritual—something you can prepare for your partner or for yourself (because you deserve some love too!).

Our Love Mood Scent has aromas that inspire connection such as sensual patchouli and the spice of clove. Geranium, jasmine, lavender, and rose add fragrant and playful floral scents which are complemented by the vibrant citrus notes of neroli and orange. Love Mood Scent is a warm and uplifting scent that will remind you to give yourself time for self care every time you use it and is the perfect aroma for creating a romantic evening with someone you love.

Love Bath Ritual


How To

  • Draw a hot bath and put 1-2 tbsp oil in the water.
  • Shake and spritz our Love Mood Scent several times into the water (or even pour about 1 tbsp in the water).
  • Add a 1/4 c. Skin Herbal Tea into a reusable cotton tea bag or two and put into the bathwater.
  • Use your hand to gently stir the water, helping to infuse the water with the oil, Love Mood Scent, and herbal tea.
  • Light a few candles and enjoy. ❤️


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