Our Ingredients

organic* | usa/canada^

basil essential oil*: used to reduce feelings of anxiety and tension.

bergamot essential oil*: is both uplifting and calming, helping to decrease feelings of anxiety and stress.

clary sage essential oil: helps in stress reduction and contains antibacterial and anti-depressant properties.

clove essential oil*: is both energizing and stimulating.

cypress essential oil: creates a feeling of mental clarity, grounding, and relaxation.

eucalyptus essential oil*: has a calming aroma and promote feelings of clear breathing.

fennel essential oil: is both calming and invigorating.

frankincense essential oil: known to create feelings of peace, calm, and satisfaction.

geranium essential oil*: helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

german chamomile essential oil: provides a feeling of calm and a sense of peace.

grapefruit essential oil*: has an aroma that is invigorating, energizing and uplifting.

jasmine flower water: uplifts the mood and promotes a positive outlook.

lavender essential oil*: creates a sense of calm, relaxation, and peace.

lemon essential oil*^: promotes feelings of positivity and uplifts the mood.

lemon balm hydrosol: heightens awareness and promotes a positive outlook.

lemongrass essential oil*: helps to reduce feelings of nervousness and eliminate mental fatigue.

lime essential oil*: has an aroma that is both balancing and energizing.

marjoram essential oil: is well-known for its calming and soothing properties.

neroli hydrosol: encourages relaxation and reducing feelings of anxiousness.

orange essential oil*^: has an uplifting and energizing aroma.

patchouli essential oil*: promotes feelings of balance and grounding.

peppermint essential oil*: is energizing and promotes feelings of clear breathing.

rose hydrosol: has a soothing, rejuvenating and harmonizing aroma.

rosemary essential oil*: helps to reduce fatigue, tension while energizing the mind.

sage essential oil*: can be beneficial in improving memory and cognition.

spearmint essential oil*: is refreshing and uplifts the mood.

sweet basil essential oil*: helps in calming, fortifying and uplifting the mind.

ylang ylang essential oil*: provides a calming, positive atmosphere.