Our Focus Ritual can help you stay productive and focused on the task at hand. Productivity is more than frantically working to output the largest quantity of work possible. Our Focus Ritual cultivates a space that is calm, reduces distractions, and is anxiety-free—helping you to you work in a manner that is energizing, creative, and productive. Bring the Focus Ritual into your home office, studio, or shared workspace to optimize your productivity.


focus mood scent for our focus ritual

  1. Set the mood through scent: Spritz Focus Mood Scent in your workspace. Botanical scents such as cypress, grapefruit, peppermint, and sage invigorate and energize, while eucalyptus, chamomile, and lavender are calming and help to reduce anxiety. Utilizing this mood scent before and during your work sessions can also create the scent association with productivity, helping to “train” your brain and body to focus when you’re working.
  2. Make a list: This seems simple, but there is science behind the benefits of making a list of things to do. Creating lists helps reduce anxiety and feelings of chaos, provides structure, and creates a record of tasks that have been accomplished.
  3. Add some music: Music is excellent for supporting focus and concentration. If you already have a favorite playlist for while you work or create, then put that on your stereo or headphones. If you’re open to something new to you, try searching Spotify or Youtube for music for productivity. Ambient or lofi beats without words or minimal words are perfect for setting the mood for getting work done.
  4. Plan your breaks: Decide when and how long your breaks will be before you start working. Perhaps set a timer so that you won’t be distracted or forget to take your break. Be reasonable and kind to yourself— scheduling a real break (not just a 2 minute bathroom break). For example, every 2 hours leave your workspace to walk around the block for 10 or 15 minutes. Make sure you take a lunch break too! Fueling your body and mind with healthful, nourishing food is essential to focusing on the tasks at hand. Taking regular breaks can help you return to your work feeling refreshed and better able to tackle the day’s projects.