Make the end of your day relaxing, decadent, and nourishing with our End of Day Ritual featuring Sleep Mood Scent and a few of our favorite products.

Spritz Sleep Mood Scent in your bedroom, on your pillow, or on yourself to invoke restful sleep. This blend is perfect for ending your day with it’s soothing and therapeutic blend of earthy, sweet, and floral aromas to promote deep relaxation, calm, and restful sleep. The earthy scents of frankincense and ylang ylang are grounding and promote feelings of peaceful wellbeing. Geranium, German chamomile, lavender, and rose whisper calm and relaxation with their sweet floral aromas. Lime and orange elevate this mood scent with their citrus aromas which help ease away stress and invite feelings of tranquility.

Next, sink into deeper relaxation it with the calming effects of Release + Connect Massage & Body Oil from baceae as you massage your shoulders, arms, hands, and feet, breathing in the scents of lavender and chamomile. Take a bite of a Bergamot Crème cbd + cbn confection from baceae to further sink into restfulness, calming both your mind and your body. Don’t forget to sip your cup of hot Sleep Herbal Tea from Vana Tisanes, and with one last spritz of Sleep Mood Scent, to complete your End of Day Ritual, breathe in the citrus of orange, lime, and ylang ylang to invoke peaceful dreams. Exhale, and drift to sleep…


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